Throughout Latin America, there are over 30 projects that will be developed in the coming years, which shows the great potential the region has within the LNG global industry.

Thanks to the Vaca Muerta exploration, Argentina reached the second place in global shale gas reserves. The state company YPF has plans to build a liquefaction terminal for natural gas exports, a project that will require an estimated investment of US $ 5 billion and will give the country access to large importers worldwide.

Chile approved in 2019 an LNG Terminal with an investment of US$ 165M. Bolivia will export liquefied natural gas (LNG) through Argentine ports and will make investments of over US$ 200 M in the regasification terminals of Bahía Blanca and Escobar. Colombia has approved the construction of the Pacific LNG terminal that will require an investment of around US$ 300 M; this year Ecuador will be issuing a tender for developers for a 500 MW combined-cycle power plant project.

Learn more about these and other projects under development in Latin America. Explore investment projects for construction and modernisation of LNG plants and terminals.


Kenna Bravo

Topic of the presentation

LNG projects in Latin America, Challenges and Opportunities

Silvana Esther Coria
Oil and Gas Adviser - Founder SC Solutions

Topic of the presentation

Gas regulatory framework in Argentina


Forecasts and new opportunities for growth of LNG in Latin America in a 10-year perspective

Investment projects for construction and modernisation projected for development within 2020-2030

First-hand information on implementation, innovation, financing, regulation and all that is new in this thriving industry


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«LNG in Latin America:
Projects development and
modernization of the gas industry»

March 10th, 12:00 PM (-3 GMT) Buenos Aires Time

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Prior to the International Congress and exhibition “LNG LATIN AMERICA”,
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