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Investment Projects

Buenaventura (Colombia)

The project will be the second LNG import facility in Colombia after the opening of the Cartagena terminal in 2016. The project was proposed by Colombia’s Planning Unit of the Mines and Energy (UPME). The capacity of the future LNG terminal will be 400mn cf/d. The government expects operation to start at the end of 2023, two years later than the initially proposed Jan 2021. Plant’s cost ranges from US$233,8 million to US$400 million. The project is aimed to cover a gas supply gap which is projected to begin starting from 2023. The project provides for construction of 170,000 cm onshore storage tank, a new 75-km pipeline.

Port of Acu power project (Brazil)

The project is a 3-GW integrated LNG-to-power facility which will be developed in 2 phases at the Port of Acu, Rio. Within the framework of the 1st phase, a 1,3 MW GNA-1 combined cycle power plant will be built. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2021. Within the framework of the second phase, it is expected to build a 1,7-GW GNA-II power plants, which is scheduled to come online in 2023. The terminal is proposed to feature a floating storage and regasification unit to be installed in the South Terminal of the port. Regasification capacity will be 40m cm/d; its storage capacity will be 1,1 million cm of LNG.

Vaca Muerta LNG (Argentina)

This is a project for construction a 5-MTPA LNG liquefaction facility with a potential expansion to 10 MTPA at the Vaca Muerta shale field in Argentina. Final investment decision is planned in 12-18 months. Approximate project cost is US $ 5 billion. The state energy company YPF has contracted McDermott int. to provide pre-FEED services. The project is aimed to cover the growing energy demand and to ensure sustainable LNG exportation.

ECA Large scale LNG (Mexico)

Sempra LNG and IEnova companies plan to add liquefaction facilities to the existing Energia Costa Azul (ECA) regasification terminal in Baja California. The project is aimed to meet the growing demand for LNG and to provide the worldwide access to a reliable source of natural gas from the Pacific coast. The project provides for gas acceptance, treatment and liquefaction. Within the framework of the first phase, it is planned to add 2,4 MTPA of capacity. When completed, the overall capacity of the plant will reach 12 MPTA. The commissioning of the plant is expected in 2025.

Port of Ilo (Peru)

The project implies the construction of a gas liquefaction plant in the Peruvian port Ilo. The project is aimed to strengthen the distribution of liquefied natural gas in Peru and abroad. The project will require 25m cm/d of gas and provides for the construction of a gas pipeline between Incahuasi, Cochabamba and La Paz. The project commissioning is planned for 2026.

Colon (Panama)

This LNG-to-power project is developed by Chinese firm Sinolam LNG and supplied by Shell. Local firm Panama NG Power has been scheduled to commission a 670-MW power plant I July 2020, but it may not begin operations before late 2023. The company does not yet have permission to build the power plant because of lack of financial clarity. Shell signed a 15-year contract to supply 400,000 t/y of LNG to the power plant. The terminal under construction will include a floating storage tank (FSU) with a capacity of 185,000 cubic meters (m3) of LNG and a regasification unit.

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